Haka Day Out

Haka Day Out is a free traditional Māori performance that brings to life the powerful and mesmerising Māori art form ‘Kapa Haka’. An explosive, colourful and enchanting performance.

  • Artistic Director and Choreographer: Corey Baker
  • Producer: Hannah Sharpe
  • Designer: Yann Seabra
  • Composer: Tiki Taane
  • Music Arranger: Duncan Grimley
  • Dramaturge: Bush Hartshorn
  • Cultural Advisor: Lewis Whaitiri
  • Production Manager: Anthony Osborne
  • Performers:
    • Charael Anderson
    • Chris Radford
    • Chris Scott
    • Emily Thompson-Smith
    • Nathan Johnston
    • Daniella May-Selwood
    • Ria Uttridge
    • Aroha Ward
  • Funders: Arts Council England, New Zealand Society and Leicester City Council
  • Commissioners: DanceXchange and International Dance Festival Birmingham 2014
  • Photo Credit: Tim Cross Photography, Steve Philips Photography.