Kevin Spacey Foundation Awards

Kevin Spacey Foundation Awards

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Artistic Director Corey Baker was shortlisted for the Kevin Spacey Foundation 2017 Artists of Choice Award for Antarctica: The First  Dance. Corey was one of four finalists shortlisted out of over 1,000 applicants.

Speaking about the award, Kevin Spacey said:

I am proud to say that our artists of choice program has become hugely successful in the discovery of new work by some incredible artists. And once again I am heartened by the calibre of the judging panel who are so eager to give back and support these hugely diverse artists.

Not the first time Corey’s work has been recognised by the Foundation; Corey Baker was also shortlisted for the 2015 Artists of Choice Award, successfully becoming one of the final 6 artists shortlisted out of 1,200 applicants.

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