Corey Baker Dance makes acclaimed film and performance work bridging entertainment, accessibility and artistry.  We celebrate movement, champion the environment and other causes we’re passionate about, and pride ourselves on doing surprising things in unexpected ways.  This unique approach has led to creating the first dance in Antarctica, choreographing on top of 120m high wind turbines, dancing under Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham and on top of skyscrapers in Hong Kong, filming both under water and 13,000 metres above sea level. We share our work and values via both outreach programmes and performances on stage, screen and unusual locations to audiences of millions around the world.

We are led by New Zealand-born, UK-based choreographer and filmmaker Corey Baker. We run a dedicated TV and film production arm, Moving People Pictures. Our work has been regularly commissioned and supported by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland and the BBC, along with commercial partners and individual supporters.