Corey is...
a creative force
a choreographer, director and filmmaker
a former dancer
a former magician
a presenter
a Kiwi and an adopted Brummie
a wannabe member of Destiny's Child
an only child
probably in a dance studio right now
loves tomatoes
passionate about climate justice
often caught making up words like de-elitise
mega ambitious
sometimes mistaken for the werewolf guy from the Twilight movies
thankful to Nina Simone
still deciding if Goonies or Nightmare Before Christmas is his favourite film
running out of things to say that Corey is...

Photography: Niko Van Harlekin

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Bio & Press

Corey is an award-winning choreographer and filmmaker, celebrated for his innovation and commitment to driving dance into the 21st century. With a passion that dance is for everyone, Corey takes dance out of traditional settings and puts it into parks, playgrounds, stadiums, shopping centres, rugby fields, on TV & film and even Antarctica. Corey is also renowned for highly-designed, inventive and relevant contemporary and ballet.

Originally from Christchurch New Zealand, Corey trained as a classical dancer in Christchurch and Sydney before moving to Switzerland to dance at Ballet Theatre Basel. Corey relocated to the UK in 2008 to join BalletBoyz and has continued to dance for many acclaimed companies and choreographers. Corey started Corey Baker Dance in 2010 to create and produce his own work. Alongside the company, Corey has also collaborated on many projects as rehearsal director, choreographer, teacher, movement director and mentor. Corey was Associate Artistic Director of Birmingham Weekender in 2015, and continues to develop his directing and curatorial roles through several new initiatives.


Speaking with Libby Purves on BBC Radio 4’s iconic Mid-Week segment Corey discuss his work, practice and life along with Gruff Ryhs, Brigid Keenan and Richard Kerridge.
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Coverage of Corey Baker Dance in Attitude Magazine as Corey is chosen as the A-star of the season.
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the biggest NZ dance star you never heard off” a tell-all interview with Anna Frances Pearson while Corey was back in NZ.
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Corey speaks with Anton, CEO of DANZ, their bunny hopping conversation is the foundation of this interesting interview.
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