Balancé sweeps awards season

Balancé sweeps awards season

Directed by Ian Winstanley and written and produced by Paul Griffin, the compelling short documentary ‘Balancé’ has received critical acclaim sweeping the 2017 film festival award season and receiving the following accolades:

  • Paris Play Film Festival Winner 2017 for Best Documentary
  • American Film Institute Nominee 2017 for Best Documentary
  • London Golden Scout IFF Finalist for Soundtrack Award (Chris Tye)
  • United International Film Festival 2017 Winner of the Award of Recognition
  • Official selection for the 2017 Seoul Lift-Off Film Festival, Manchester Film Festival, Manchester Art Film Festival and Oxford Film Festival

Featuring additional choreography from Corey Baker Dance, Balancé tells the story of working ballet dancer, Laura Purkiss; a soloist at Birmingham Royal Ballet with an unusual difference; a mother of two daughters. The short documentary explores the complexities of Laura’s life as she grapples with keeping the day-to-day organisation of life on track as she resolves to love her family and dedicate herself to the art of ballet.

Corey Baker is incredibly proud to have contributed to the amazing Balancé film project and congratulates Laura, Ian, Paul and the team on the recent and well-deserved accolades.

For more information about the Balancé film, please visit here.