C-12 Secret Encounters

C-12 Secret Encounters

In collaboration with C-12 Dance Theatre, Corey Baker was commissioned alongside three other choreographers to create a new short movement piece that will appear and disappear in public spaces and respond to the theme ‘first encounters that last forever’.

With all performance-related accessories such as music, lighting and performance times removed, unsuspecting audiences experience special, subtle human relationships in a new way.

“Secret Encounters was designed to appear without warning, taking down the boundaries of ‘this is a performance”. – Adam Towndrow, Producer

Inspired by a same-sex tinder date, Corey’s duet is one that is light, funny and interactive with audiences.First dates, most of us have had one before. On that first greeting is it a handshake, hug or a kiss? Talking too much or maybe not enough because of the butterflies in your tummy. Is this going to be the one or the one I need a good excuse to get out of? Two people connect online and decide to meet for the first time…

Provocative and engaging, Secret Encounters makes its debut tour across the UK and Europe over the 2017 summer festival season:

For further information about C12-Dance Theatre and Secret Encounters, please visit here.

Photo Credit: Daniel D. Moses