Dance Race

From classical ballet and Strictly Come Dancing to choreographed skydiving and car-eographed driving, Corey Baker’s film is a thrilling race across the UK for the BBC’s Dance Passion 2022 season. The film rallies dancers, drones, precision drivers and a closed track – buckle up for dance like you’ve never seen it before!

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  • Director, Choreographer, Producer: Corey Baker
  • Executive Producer: Tim Wood
  • Performers: Miss Leigh Ding, Yohan Abby, Vincent Cotte, Joey Barton, Harry Ondrak-Wright, Wesley Branch, Aurora Piccininni, Eric Mitchell, Miguel Pargas, Cameron Lombard, Jowita Przystal, Camilla Bates, Verity Morris
  • Precision Drivers: Paul Swift, Mark Jones, Andy Harris, Mark Thornton
  • Assistant Choreographer: Joey Barton
  • Director of Photography: Alan McLaughlin
  • Drone and Aerial Photography: Cyrill Padiau, Dan Bishop, Paul Bishop
  • Costume: Tina Young
  • Editor: Rich Woolrich
  • Music: Chris Madlin
  • Colourist: Tom Cairns
  • Sound Design: Chris Turner
  • Line Producers: Hannah Joy Cooney, Siobhan Lloyd
  • Commissioning Editor for BBC: Stephen James Yeoman
  • Producer: Anne Beresford
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